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Course Duration: 1 Day | Class Time: 9am - 4:30pm | Class Size: 6 Students Max

Training Room Location: Level 1, Opposite Reg. Hosp Nastech Sunyani B/A R.

Course Materials: As part of the course you will receive many useful resources and learning links to compliment your training and help you stay on track after your course.

Certificates: All students receive a certificate of achievement on completion of their course.

After Course Support: On completion of your course you will be eligible for free email and phone support*, to aid you in the development of your new skills.

FREE Course Resit: We offer you the chance to come back in the future and resit your course for FREE*, so if you want to polish your skills further or just recap on a few things this is a great option.

What you need to bring: Nothing. We supply a PC computer for you to use with all software already installed and have note pads, pens etc in the training room. If you think it would be beneficial to bring some samples of your work that would be great but not essential.


Cost: $400 +GST







About Our Microsoft Word 2010 / 2007 Level 3 Course

Aims of the course

This course aims to give delegates an in-depth knowledge of Word features.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course delegates will have advanced skills in using Microsoft Word. They will be able to:

  • Create and use master documents

  • Use document styles to automate formatting

  • Insert bookmarks

  • Create tables of contents, an index, footnotes, endnotes, cross-references

  • Work with paragraphs

  • Use Word Internet features

  • Write macros to automate tasks

  • Create forms

  • Collaborate with workgroups

How the course is run

This instructor-led course has a hands-on approach, with plenty of opportunity for delegates to practise the new skills they learn at the computer.


Familiarity with the Windows environment, and a reasonable knowledge of Word. Prior attendance of the Intermediate Word course would be an advantage.











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Word 2010 / 2007 Level 2







Word 2010 / 2007 Level 3









Course Outline

Creating and using master documents

  • Create a master document

  • Use a master document

Using document styles to automate formatting

  • Creating a style

  • Applying a style to text

  • Modifying a style for the current document

  • Deleting a style

  • Printing a list of styles

  • Displaying the styles in a document


  • Creating a bookmark

  • Deleting a bookmark

  • Using a bookmark

Tables of contents, indices, footnotes, endnotes, cross-references

  • Creating a table of contents

  • Updating a table of contents

  • Creating an index

  • Defining an index entry

  • Inserting an index

  • Updating an index

  • Creating footnotes and endnotes

  • Using the notes pane

  • Managing existing notes

  • Modifying notes

  • Creating cross-references

Working with paragraphs

  • Applying paragraph and section shading

  • Using text flow options

  • Sorting lists, paragraphs and tables

Word Internet features

  • Saving a Word document as a Web page

  • Linking a Word document to a Web page


  • Creating a macro

  • Applying a macro

  • Editing a macro

  • Copying a macro

  • Renaming a macro

  • Deleting a macro


  • Creating a form

  • Inserting form fields

  • Defining the properties of form fields

  • Protecting a form

Collaborating with workgroups

  • Inserting comments

  • Tracking changes to a document

  • Protecting documents

  • Creating multiple versions of a document

  • Setting default file locations for workgroup templates

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Our Microsoft Word 2010 / 2007 training is perfect for anyone who needs to create and edit Word documents. Our Microsoft Word 2010 / 2007 courses cover creating, editing, formatting and publishing all types of word documents at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

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